Other Blogs You Should Check out.

Sorry for the unfinished post, but I got sidetracked! Anyway, I thought I would put up a few other RPG blogs that I check into regularly. I wish there were more sites dedicated to Rolemaster and/or Shadow World, but it’s pretty lean! That doesn’t mean there isn’t great content out there. My preference are blogs with unique opinions, reviews or thoughts rather than aggregator sites. There are some great posts on defunct sites that are also worth looking for, but for this post I’m keeping my list to sites that are regularly updated. Here are a few that I read:

Akratic Wizardry has shifted focus over the years–in the past there was some coverage of Rolemaster/MERP and currently has veered over to other game systems. Nonetheless, there is some good writing and interesting topics worth checking out.


Grognardia. I’ve mentioned this site many times in my own blogs. James has an appealing writing style and an eye for topics that is pure nostalgia. For many of us, roleplaying games is a continually effort to recreate the wonder and joy of our first experiences with gaming in our formative years. Reading Grognardia brings some of that back!


Gnome Stew. I typically check in once or twice a month, but I appreciate the macro-view of gaming issues, gameplay and theory.


Swords & Dorkery. I’ve always enjoyed Mike’s blog, and he is still at it!


Roleplay Rescue’s. A grab bag of blog topics, but there is discussion of wargaming and Panzer! As an old school Squad Leader gamer, I always like to read about turn based table top wargaming.


What blogs do you read or I should check out, let me know. Also, if you have any interest in contributing to the Rolemasterblog let us know. A handful of bloggers writing once/month would help us keep our content up!

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