6 Replies to “Vote for RMU on ENWorld’s List of Most Anticipated RPGs”

    1. I want to be enthusiastic. I really do. But…I’m just not. It feels too much like the “updating” of Top Secret that happened a couple of years back; too many missed opportunities. I got more excited about the stealthy release of Classified (a repackaging of the venerable James Bond RPG done by Victory Games) and even Cyberpunk Red (a genre I don’t play). Even the Conan and Witcher RPGs interested me more. RMU just feels like it went from a great, exciting possibility to HARP+.

  1. I was disappointed to see that RMU did not make the top 10. Are the actual number of votes published anywhere?

    Given that 2021 is the year, I would expect ICE to be drumming up interest on the RMU release now – perhaps if it had, RMU would have been in the top 10. Teasers, previews, perhaps even reaching out to the wider RPG community (beyond the normal RM channels). This is the first new edition in over 20 years (RMC, whilst good, was really an edit of RM2 with some good enhancements), so it should be getting bigged up (as the kids would say)! 🙂

    1. I asked the ENWorld guy (Morrus) if he could post the rest of the votes, but he seemed to think I was trying to shame other companies/developers by showing how few votes the rest got. I tried to explain that I was just interested to see how many votes my favorite systems got, but I don’t think he believed me. They said they were not going to post votes for systems outside the top 10.

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