Weekend Roundup: Sunday November 6th 2016


Lots of news, info and entertainment to catch up on!

Sometime during the Interregnum?

Old School Renaissance.

Swim-Fu, the deadly skills of the Mermen-Monk.

Emulating the Worim “longskulls”?

Another Essaence Storm—damn climate change.

Here come the Omega Droids.

Real or Surreal?

Add another useful plant to the Rolemaster herb list.

If just 1 monsters could wipe out humanity…how do we survive the “Monster Manual”?

The downfall of the Althans.

Blasts from the Past.

What is old is new again.

Lords of Essaence facilities?

Ancient underground civilizations?

Can humans truly understand Elves?

Post money society. Good? Bad?

Land of Giants.

A new way of thinking.

Earthwarden Portal?

Bri’s Book Recommendation. The RELIC GUILD.


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