Where is all the playable material?

The reason this blog exists is because someone asked on the ICE forums that amounted to ‘where is all the playable material?‘. Off the back of that I created this blog. It idea was/is that by having more fan based material may encourage more people into the rolemaster fold.

hnd draw Iron Crown logo
Design-wise the blog has moved on a little.

It is nearly one year on and occured to me that I haven’t actually published a great deal of playable adventures. A couple of NPCs and a couple of monsters but not a single adventure.

So my next post will be just that. A small 1st to 3rd level adventure aimed at new to RM GMs and players. I need to check when my one year anniverary actually is, the only thing that brought this to mind was the domain name renewal notice, so it must be coming up soon.

Part of the reason I have not published much playable material is that I had kind of hoped RMU was on the near horizen. I was stalling waiting for that. I wanted to dual stat everything for RM2/RMC and the new RMU. As it is RMU is clearly not going to happen soon. You cannot make a masterpiece over night and juggling so many differing needs is not easy.

So next time you get to kill some goblins!

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