World War Tree

This week’s 50 in 50 adventure is on of mine. Going under the title of World War Tree.

‘In World War Tree the characters are in a town which has greatly expanded over the past two years, due to a moss found on local trees. As a result of this, the nearby forest has suffered extensively, with large numbers of trees torn down. The forest has now decided that enough is enough and a force of living trees, of the appropriate type, is descending on the town to rip it to pieces.’

This adventure has real Rolemaster DNA at the heart. Herbs, which we all use as GMs and players, play a significant part. The destruction of the town is reminiscent of the end of Isengard, a MERP reference, and Arms Law combat makes the enemy much more dangerous than D&D hit point erosion.
Creature Law has several variations of active tree and in this adventure you get to use them all.

Incidentally, if anyone else is interested in releasing adventures or adventure hooks I have noticed that the name plays a big part in the amount of sales. I have been using slightly witty names, like World War Tree, and Star Mangled Manor. Brian in contrast uses much more traditional names like Cave of Spiders. These traditional named adventure hooks sell much better than the less serious adventures. The covers are pretty much identical as are the prices and prospective buyers do not get to see the actual content. About the only distinctive feature is the name.

If you want to emulate what we are doing
I suggest using very traditional adventure names.

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  1. I think we are almost half way through our 50 adventure hooks in 50 weeks? What’s next? I have a few ideas, but we are using this to prove our ability to write and publish and scale up. We need more writers–add your skills to Rolemasterblog.
    Remember, writers at the Rolemasterblog benefit:

    1. Fame and Adoration. Rolemasterblog is the #1 blog* dedicated solely to Rolemaster and related subjects. As a writer you will become part of an niche group of bloggers.

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    Sounds too good to be true? Why not contact and find out more!

    * I couldnt’ find any active dedicated Rolemaster Blogs so I think we win by default.

    ** “Elite” should be defined as “very few”.

    *** Pending….

  2. An open call for would-be writers who want to publish with us?

    (World War Tree would be doing better if the OBS email server hadn’t been apparently down since Friday morning; a lot of sales come from the initial mailing that so far no-one would seem to have received).

    1. Apparently so.

      I love the idea of a steady stream of ever better Rolemaster releases. This is the very definition of community content.

  3. Are you looking for people to offer up their own little one-offs for a gaming session, either injected into a campaign or a simple Saturday afternoon stand-alone?

    I’ve been loving the 50-in-50 series thus far and I’ve added a few to my existing campaign now.

    1. Spectre, if you want to participate, let Peter & Adrian know. I think we have a solid “farming system” in place to go from submission to publication via Azukail Games.

      1. Yes, if you are interested in getting anything published this way, please let us know. We are having to make stuff more generic than RM to avoid copyright infringement.

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