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2 thoughts on “Happy to bite the bullet”

  1. Glad you liked the concept, Peter! I do have Marks in the final tables, but that’s to set damage caps for calibers. My draft has four (yes, four) attack tables for firearms (pistols, rifles, shotguns, and burst attack), and those are all based on calibers. My other governing concept is that (barring open-ended rolls) every attack should use no more than two tables and two rolls (three if the GM opts to use a different hit location method).

    1. I think that as long as to the player it rule changes are invisible (roll your attack, roll your critical) then the alternative system should work well.

      I think fire arms can stand being made much more dangerous as it is so easy to fight from behind hard cover be it door frames, building corners or from behind cars. You just don’t see people being shot 20 times and still running and jumping in TV and movies but it frequently happened in SpaceMaster.

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