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4 thoughts on “RM Combat Hack: Missile Parry”

  1. Interesting stuff!

    I’m wondering if the idea of missile parry could be integrated into RMU’s new rule about shield parry. In RMU, instead of shields just automatically applying their full DB to all attackers in the attacking arc, shields now have a number of attackers they can block (i.e. apply their full shield DB to). So a wall shield has 4 IIRC, and a target shield only 1. Further, for each foe beyond 1 that you want to use your shield against, you have to make a shield skill roll, with 101+ being full success.

    I like this better because it is kind of cinematic: you can actually feel that you really are trying to block a blow with your shield: sometimes you block it, other times it gets through. It sounds like your missile parry rules are not that different, and could be relatively easily integrated into RMU.

  2. I already use # of attackers to shield size in my house rules. However, I personally avoid using secondary combat skill checks whenever possible–I think it’s getting way out of hand and creating a subsystem in the game mechanics: dodge, disarm, evade etc.

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