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3 thoughts on “RM Stats & Labeling. Quantitative vs. Qualitative”

  1. I’m not gone yet, and what is it with Hollywoods portrayal of the English as villains? Does it hark back all the way to September 3, 1783?

    As to the guages all modern aircraft have both analog and digital instruments for the exactly the same reason the moving needle gives an indication of speed of change and the digital the accurate measurement.

    When I am planning and plotting I bypass the labelling for difficulties and go straight to the modifiers like you suggest. When I describe problems to my players though I give them the more descriptive labels. Sometimes I even lie and tell them it looks “pretty difficult” when I know that it is actually extremely difficult. The characters would not know precisely how hard something down to the exact percentage point. What I do not do is stick strictly to the described difficulty labels (Routine – Impossible).

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