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6 thoughts on “RMU Attack Tables”

  1. I am very much looking forward to seeing and using these.

    I think Merkir was the one that suggested a slightly different order for the chart, with each of the rows (top and bottom) following the order from largest to smallest from left to right, rather than the top row going left to right and the bottom right to left.

    One other way of handling the 1-hit point minimum hit issue you mention above would be to round up to 1 hit point, as you have, but only on the higher armor types. There isn’t any real need to round up on AT 1. Also, if the main reason for rounding up is to allow touch attacks, shouldn’t you really only be rounding up on the Unarmed Strike attack chart? I don’t think you need to round up on any chart other than that one, if the touch attacks are your sole reason for rounding up.

    Thanks for all your work on these!

    1. The diminutive rounding effects more than just the unarmed table. RMU Spell Law says any unarmed attack skill can be used. Then, in addition, there are monsters that can deliver additional damage, criticals or effects on any successful attack. That suddenly makes 1 hit vs 0 hits much more important.

      Now imagine a Paladin or Noble Warrior style spell that enchants their own weapon so that it delivers an ‘A’ electricity (or whatever) critical on any successful hit. Now the 1 vs 0 is important for any and all possible weapons.

      You can even have shield or wall type spells that do damage when they are touched or the person or item being protected is successfully hit. The attacker could be using any weapon when they hit the magician behind the protective spell.

      For all of the above reasons I think the rounding up to a minimum of 1 hit is the best option. Finally, compared to RM2/RMC RMU characters have far more hits now, so losing an additional 1 here or there is not the end of the world.

  2. I don’t see many spells that give extra criticals on a ‘hit’. What the Paladin for example has is spells that give an extra critical on hits that already deliver a base critical. So the Paladin has to not just do hits, but also deliver a critical before he gets the extra critical. The cases where you get a critical on merely a successful hit seem to me to be the cases of touch attacks, where the extra critical is essentially the main component of the attack.

    One other thing I wanted to mention about the attack charts: in previous editions of RM, the unarmed and natural attack charts were quite different from the normal attack charts. The Unarmed Strike, for example, and Claw charts got results very early, especially against lightly armored foes. The RMU beta2 seemed to change that a bit and make unarmed much more like any other weapon chart. That is something that might usefully be changed back to the way it worked in RM2 (and I am assuming RMSS). I personally liked the way it was easy to get some hit points of damage by swinging at someone with a fist, since this was the human’s natural weaponry; but it was hard to get a very damaging blow, because human fists are relatively weak compared to say iron swords. So the good thing about the unarmed strike charts in previous editions was that they actually did get small-hit point/no crit results quite early on the chart. If you reverted to the old style unarmed charts, you might find that there are more 1-hit point results at lower attack values on the chart.

    In any case, on the general topic of rounding on the attack charts, what you do is of course ultimately up to you, but I found it better to round off because of the way damage scaling works. That 1 hit point that the rabbit does to the elephant can become significant through many different ways. You can cast a spell to increase the size of the rabbit’s attack, then strap a rabbit-sized lance to his back, then have him charge quickly, and suddenly his attack is at medium size, and instead of doing only 1 hit point he is now doing 10 or 20. There are so many ways to increase size in RMU that even a single point can be dangerous, especially if the small creatures are attacking in numbers.

    1. regarding the rabbit jousting, that is not my understating of how it works. I would not scale down the the rabbit’s diminutive size and then scale back up again. If the total resulting size of the attack was medium then I would read the medium result straight off the table.

      At no point would I round 0.1 up to
      a whole 1 and then multiply the rounded figure up.

      I think that is the point of the tables showing precalculated resulrs for the 7 most common sizes.

    2. Regarding the non-touch attacks and spells, I am imagining potential spells and effects in all the future companions.

      I am an advocate for spell research so I may well have seen more and more varied magic than those that take spell law as a completed whole.

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