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3 thoughts on “Rules or Setting?”

  1. I think there are two equally good but different approaches. One is very easy for the GM and that is to have the system and setting as a single unified whole. The other option is to have a truly generic system that is capable of modelling any setting and giving the GM the necessary tools and support to do that.

    Previous versions of RM have claimed to be truly generic but have always been heavily flavoured with MERPiness. RMU has the core now where everything can be balanced and the mechanics are exposed to enable any GM to build those custom races, professions and monsters.

    I think the rules and setting ‘as one’ will always give the slickest game experience.

    1. I agree that it’s possible to have a generic rules set, but RM never really was a generic rules set (and even with RMU I don’t think it really is…). Rules and setting combined is to my way of thinking the best approach, since it smooths out the rough spots and makes for a better gaming experience. This is especially true for new gamers and GMs.

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