Shadow World: Master Encounter Table

One of the earlier files I posted on the Shadow World thread was a master encounter table. I put a lot of work into it, included every creature, plant, herb, profession, race or group found in SW Canon products.  These encounter categories include: weather, accidents, essence, flora, herbs, creatures, creature (unusual), humanoids, groups, sub groups, vehicles, professions, objects, structures, events, special.

It starts with an encounter category table divided into simplified environmental zones with sub tables depending on the result. It also has two aux charts for distance to encounter and attitude/behavior of encounter if applicable. With just these tables it is easy to randomly generate SW encounters on the fly, generate a quick NPC group or other random event or encounter.

But oddly, I got fewer messages or feedback on the encounter chart than I did with many of the other uploads. I’ve included it below in Excel format so it’s easy to change, adapt or expand as needed.

SW Encounter Charts

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  1. I really like spreadsheets like these. I am learning Java right now on route to creating android apps.

    These sorts of tables are eminently suited to turning into apps. If you use an android phone I may make you an app version of this for your personal use. It will be good practice for me and a cute tool for you.

  2. That would be great! I was thinking of adding a random # generator with look up tables so you can just push a button to get a result but I was going to add new content from Emer III, Haalk and Wurilis. OTOH I use an iphone…

  3. These are fantastic! I’m not sure why you didn’t get much response about them, but I absolutely love them. They will make my next SW campaign way more fun. Thanks for them!

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