Rolemaster Unified, the in development new RM ruleset , is planning on releasing a limited set of premium books. This edition will feature individual tomes, parchment pages, sheathed in 24k gold leaf and personally signed by the authors and developers.  The limited set is priced at $999 with only 500 editions planned.

With the purchase of this premium set you also get access to “RMU University”. This individualized program will give users in depth training into the rules and gameplay by trained, top level GMs and RMU specialists. There will be 3 levels of training at RMU University:


Bronze Elite                                                          Retail Value

RMU Game Retreat                                 $5,000

Campaign Quick Start Retreat           $5,000

Total Value                                      $10,000 you pay $7,000!!!

Silver Elite                                                       Retail Value

RMU Game Retreat                                 $5,000

Campaign Quick Start Retreat           $5,000

Creative Adventure Retreat                 $3,000

Training your Players Workshop        $2,500

Total Value                                          $15,500 you pay $10,000!!!

Gold Elite                                                             Retail Value

RMU Game Retreat                                 $5,000

Campaign Quick Start Retreat           $5,000

Creative Adventure Retreat                $3,000

Training your Players Workshop        $2,500

Personal GM Workshop                         $4,000

Creature & Profession Design            $2,000

Advanced RPG Techniques                   $4,000

Gold GM Life Membership                    $5,000

Total Value                                             $30,500 you pay $20,000!!!

An official spokesperson, John Miller, on the new RMU limited edition and RMU University:

“Rolemaster has been the best RPG rpg game of all time, with more players and games sold than any other competitor. With RMU we’ve brought in an experts, the best people, to offer a fantastic product to the market. The other games on the market are losers, just bad and are failing badly. RMU will appeal to every player, with better more expansive rules and at a cheaper price. RMU limited edition is amazing, a premium product and RMU University will teach and train attendees to be amazing and successful GM’s using knowledge and techniques by hand picked experts all over the world. With RMU limited edition and RMU University we will create the #1 RPG and a community of role-playing winners!”


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    One problem with today is that it’s sometimes hard to figure out which is a genuine supplement and which isn’t! (Okay, in some cases it isn’t hard!)

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        Sorry, I figured it out when I saw the title! (I have been expecting stuff today; in fact I’ve made a less than serious Pathfinder supplement myself).

        I did get an email about a hybrid class based on a Pathfinder class that I’m not very familiar with. I think it sounds massively unbalancing (and therefore a fool class – which is a whole different idea), but I’m not familiar enough with the class to know!

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