Cabin in the woods!

I love this adventure hook! I am not going to tell you much about it as it could spoil the surprise if your players got wind of what is actually going on.

What I like about this particular publication is that it is one of the most substantial documents. You get a one page adventure hook but also full colour printable battle maps. You print off the twelve pages and join them together to get the layouts for the adventure. It seems to me that we are ever inching a little closer to producing a really full on adventure module.

In The Cabin in the Woods, the characters may have been hired to deal with a group of bandits or otherwise have heard of them.

The bandits have a cabin in a clearing in the woods but the characters are not the only party looking for the bandits, and it is possible that the characters, and the other party, are both disguised as bandits, leading to several potential outcomes when the actual bandits arrive.

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