Character Creation Time

Today I finally got around to posting the character creation guidelines for my online game.

The only real break from the RAW is that I am giving more development points per level than listed. At each level characters will get 70 DPs rather than the standard 50DPs.

This should give the players a bit more wriggle room for buying skills. The No Profession is a bit more expensive than any one of the dedicated professions so the 70DPs will not go quite as far as you would imagine.

The game is set at a Heroic power level so the additional knack (+20) will also give a bit of a boost to the starting.

I hope that with the information I have given the players they should now be able to start creating their PCs.

If you have been waiting on this then I sincerely apologise for my tardiness! 2018 is turning into a rather fun but busy year so far!

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  1. Just so you know, 60 rather than 50 DPs is now the standard allotment for RMU; so you’re not really that far off the core rules.

    I haven’t gotten any emails or anything, so do I just load up RPOl and have at it? Do you want us to coordinate what classes we have, or just pick individually?

    Really looking forward to this!

    1. I saw that but I was feeling generous.

      If you log into you should see a game listed called Winter’s Tale.

      1. Nice! I look forward to doing that tonight. Do you want us to just pick classes individually, with no coordination? I ask because we normally plan our parties out so that we have at least one caster, one or two melees, etc. But if we’re just going with whatever individuals choose, I’m fine with that too.

    2. Just pick individually.

      All I need for now is at the top of you Character Details (in rpol) is your character name.

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