It Lives! Muhahah!

I am running terribly behind this month by the looks of things!

I completely failed to get a post out on Sunday and despite really wanting to complete more of my lingering projects in 2018 I am, if anything, falling further behind.

So last Saturday we published It lives! Muhahah! which is a take on the classic Frankenstein story but for those that like a bit more role play over hack and slash there is a potential bit of investigation and plenty of NPC interaction. This adventure was one of my mine, so of course it is brilliant!

At some point this week I will update the side bar with links to the 1-10 bundle and all the latest adventures. If you have bought any of the earlier adventure hooks you get a discount on the bundle, or so is my understanding!

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  1. I find one thing that puts me behind on existing projects is starting new ones before finishing the old ones. So many ideas, so little time!

    1. I know that feeling.

      I also have a terrible habit of doing all the fun stuff first. I then have a great stack of half finished projects all of which are hard work.

      1. If I could get every currently started RPG project finished, I would be able to release a supplement a week for over a year (that’s not counting the graphical ones). I’ve even been considering going through my notebooks and properly starting any that have a reasonable amount of material written, which would add quite a lot more to my in progress file. I’m not sure whether or not that’s a good idea, but at least they would be more obvious.

        1. I have a word doc with a bulleted list of every project with one or two paragraphs describing it. For those I gave started I gave a folder into which I save all the research docs and images.

          In total the two together represent over 300 publications/supplements that are on my gaming to do list.

          1. I really need to organise my idea lists better. I tend to jot down ideas in notebooks, sometimes just a single sentence, sometimes rather more, and I really need to sift through them all and list every idea, so that everything is in one spot.

            1. It seems to me that your next logical step is into POD products. You have already used freelance writers so word count or supplement size is not an issue. If you do want to go for larger projects then I would recommend Kanbanchi as a method of project managing them. If you imagine dividing projects down into their constituent parts, you then create what equates to a postit note for each element. You then have a list for every step so a to do list, an in progress list, a finished awaiting edit list, approved list, and so on. Each part of the project then moves from the to do list to the eventual completed column. At any time you can see exactly what stage everything is at. I use and store it all online.

              1. Yes, POD is one of my plans for this year, along with selling on Paizo, the Open Gaming Store, Amazon and perhaps Warehouse 23 and my own site. Other possibilities are Fantasy Grounds modules and Android apps, although with Adobe abandoning Flash I’m uncertain as to whether it’s worth brushing up on my Actionscript again.

                I’ll take a look at that project management thing; I really need to improve my organisation.

                1. For Android Apps I use android studio which is Java based. I also followed the free training on Udacity and that got me creating very basic apps pretty quickly.

                  1. Interesting. It looks like tools from Google for Android have improved a lot since the last time I looked. Which was admittedly more than a few years ago. Perhaps I will be able to knock up the apps I want – in my copious free time!

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