Happy New Year!!! Great Progress in 2017 and more to come in 2018.

Happy New Years to Peter and the other contributors, posters and commentators to the Rolemasterblog. I think A LOT occurred over the last year–tons of posts, new material, downloadable files and new bloggers, to name a few.

Meanwhile, a few weeks ago, RolemasterBlog.com was ranked #22 out of the top 100 RPG blogs. That’s not bad, right? Peter, you can get a badge to add to the site, lets do that!

3 Replies to “Happy New Year!!! Great Progress in 2017 and more to come in 2018.”

  1. Not bad? It’s outstanding! Certainly suggestive of an abiding – hopefully growing? – interest in Rolemaster, and a reflection of the quality work that’s being done here. Congrats to both you and Peter!

    Happy New Year

  2. Thanks for inviting us to participate; it has been a lot of fun!

    As for the future, I’ve got quite a few things I plan to write up as rules hacks once RMU comes out. That might not be next year (who knows? I think they are close to being finished, but I can’t know for sure), but I did just want to say that once it does, I be aim to start posting the real crunch I’ve been playing with.

    Thanks again to Brian and Peter for providing such wonderful, thought-provoking articles over the course of the year, and such a great forum. Happy new year!

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