The ice forums are back up! Now we have three active places for rolemaster players; ICE forums, this rolemaster blog, and the discord server. Hopefully they will all remain active and help grow our small but passionate community.

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  1. Hurin


    BTW, I think this means Peter can now take down the sticky from the front page of the blog, offering the alternative forum.

  2. Ylissa


    I may have missed it, but have ICE posted anything up about the website being back online? I would be interested if this is the site as hosted by their new provider, rather than their old provide. I did have a look and I *think* the hosting company is different than what was reported before, but it has been some time since I had checked who the old provider was.

    • Hurin


      I don’t know. Maybe they will give more information on the new site in their monthly briefing.

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