PC Perils #2 Whats in the hole?

This is the second of my PC Perils posts. I have dropped the “…that I haven’t used yet” as some of these I actually used in the past. This one is best described as “What’s in the hole?”

(In the little journey we are going on today when I say “the party” I do not mean a group of hobbit lycanthopes that may appear in some of the pictures below.)

I thought I would present this ‘Peril’ as a bit of a photo story.

The party decide to leave town early so the road to the forest is not too busy.
The party decide to leave town early so the road to the forest is not too busy. The map says just carry rigth on into the forest.
But the road soon becomes little more than a lane and then a single track

They all look to the ranger, “The map says the road carrys on dead ahead!”
20141129_103738“This at least looks like a decent enough place to camp. Why don’t the rest of you go look for some firewood and forage for anything edible. No point in wasting our rations right from day one!”

20141129_104219“What on earth is big enough to knock full grown trees over?”

“There are two more over here that look like they were just flattened.”
“Are they burrows? There are at least three of them and each looks about 8″ wide to me.”
“Three more over here too!”

So what is in the hole? Hill Trolls? Hill Giants? Do you lower the scout in to find out? Whatever it is can you take on at least six of them? Is this the best place to camp?

Answers on a postcard please (or just comment below).

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  1. Darn it. I got an error message when I tried to submit my post.

    I have always been a fan of the Goblin Warrens, whether active or abandoned. These could be the remnants of a warren that scattered after the great battle the took place and uprooted all those trees, or they could be the “decoy” holes created to lure overly curious critters or adventurers into.

    In my campaign setting, goblins are attracted to brute strength, usually in the hopes that they brute will offer some level of protection if they appear to be serving that brute. At the very least, the foes would have to tend with the brute while the goblins try to run away.

    This could be the aftermath of a Hill Troll passing through and a group of goblins remained to try to start their own warren due to the amount of food in the area and the freshly made “starter holes.”

    Hobbit and Gnomes would have much nicer entrances and they would probably be much better hidden.

    1. Sorry about the error message! I don’t know what caused that but I will keep and i out for any errors and try and stamp them out.

      It is quite interesting to walk around my local area but with a ‘GM’s eye’ looking for potential adventure or monster locations. I did an hour dog walk and came across these goblim warrens, a pyramid inscribed with “I will arise” (that will be the next peril) and a barrow or ancient burial mound.

      1. Yes! Uprooted burial grounds is always fun; either accidentally, intentionally, result of bad weather, or the inhabitants just became restless and decided to pop up for a walk!

          1. Even better!!!! It’s an abandoned mine! That’s a perfect lead in for any adventure.

            In reality, I’d be afraid to walk in that area. Who knows when you’ll drop down into the depths?

  2. Hey Peter! This is great. love the pictures – really inspires the imagination.

    let colin@ironcrown.com know about this so he can blog about your blog. anything you think is really good content, let him know. I’m sure he could use at least one bit of content per week.

    comment – you need to red star the “6 x 5 =30” test box as I did not fill it out as it did not look “required”. I then got a “fill out the form” message and then had to retype my post all over again!

    if there is a way to prevent people needing to retype their psot if they get the form wrong, please do that.

    1. Thanks for the support.

      This is quite timely as well as tomorrows post marks the start of my RMU coverage. I will certainly be in contact with Colin. I am looking into the captcha settings to try and highlight it.

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