RMU Playtest PC is made.

Our play test PC is called Gao Yao and he is an imperial messenger working within the Forbidden City.

This is the first RMU character we have created in a very long time and the first using Jdales new tables. I am greatly impressed with the improvement.

As a snapshot the character has 67 #hits which seems more than reasonable for a starting character.

A Perception Skill of +58 that is useful.

His best OB is +48 with Martial Arts strikes, then +32 with throws and +31 with his melee weapon weapon, a Qi Jian sword for which I will be using the Broadsword table (correct me if I am wrong).

Skills-wise his other highlights are his stalking at +43 and Adrenal Move Speed at +42.

The character has at least a passingly good chance of making some of the basic rolls needed to get by.

The biggest weakness is a DB of just +6, no armour and no shield.

His professional skills are mainly a mix of weapon and medical type skills. His Knacks are in perception and Martial Arts strikes.

To create the character we used the roll three sets of 10 stats and discard the lowest, the middle became the temp and the higher roll the potential.  Normally I would go for Point Buy but for speed we used dice and we used the rolls in order. I guess on a different day we could have put a higher stat in Quickness which would have improved his Adrenal Move Speed and his DB. As it is the character has a 91 Potential Quickness so if he lives that long everything could balance out. It took less than an hour to create the character which I though was not too bad for a rolemaster character but there was no magic involved so no comparing spell lists and pouring over spell law when normally takes and age.

Starting equipment I have only given him the clothes he is stood up in, a satchel of Imperial documents and a pouch with his 20 silver pennies known as Bao.

Technically he also owns his sword, the Qu Jian, a short sword, Duandao, and a horse in the Imperial stables but he does not have them on him as the way things are about to go south for Gao he could well end up writing them off!

The starting postion for the game is this.

Arriving at the imperial palace with a message for the Emporer’s eyes only Gao is ushered into the Imperial suite. As he enters the rooms are surprisingly quiet, there are no other servants and none of the usual body guards. As Gao approaches the Emporers study he sees the Emporer lying on the floor clutching at a knife protruding from his chest…

So we are all tooled up and ready to play. The first game session is planned for tomorrow evening. I will report back how it goes.

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