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I haven’t posted anything for a while about my dabbling in play by post (PBP). The game I am in is ticking along quite nicely. I have nearly killed myself at least once due to massive over confidence in my own meagre abilities and, I believe, technically I am no longer a combat virgin. It was not a traditional fight and whether my oppenent was actually intent on attacking me or not is probably up for debate. The important thing is that I ‘won’. I cannot share any more details both to save my own blushes and just in case I inadvertantly give away a spoiler for some of the other players.

I am 99% certain that I am going to run a PBP game of my own based upon nearly pure Rolemaster Classic rules. The only optional rule I will truly miss would be the expanded character background options from Rolemaster Companion I.

The game setting would be the forgotten realms, of course, around the city of Waterdeep and the North. This would be exactly the same world/campaign that my face to face game would be taking place in. That party are in the Dalelands right now.

The only PBP gaming site I have used is RPOL but there are other sites I have not even looked at but seem frequently mentioned such as Fantasy Grounds. For this first foray I think I will stick with RPOL and what I know. I think I have grasped pretty much has the game administration works from what I can see from the game I am playing in.

I still need to do a lot of preparation before I could possibly run a game and I would like to get more experrience of this style of gaming. There are certainly some aspects that are better than face to face gaming [NPC interactions for one] but at the same time some aspects are lacking [the social aspect and banter]. This will remain a work in progress project for the time being. As it happens my face to face group will be meeting again in early May so that is the perfect excuse not to launch into anything new before then.

Going back the the PBP game. I think the next big evolution I am waiting for is when the party starts to form. Right now I am almost entirely surrounded by NPCs. I suspect that I have encountered another PC at least in passing but one cannnot be sure. While it is just me and the GM and we happen to be both awake at the same time then the posts can come thick and fast. How the game works when you are waiting for the input from several people remains to be seen. I am sure it will be fine, if it wasn’t then I do not think PBP would have such a large fan base as it appears to have.


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  1. I have been trying to get my group to try tom PBM to supplement the downtimes for the real campaign, but none have really latched on.

    1. My face to face group are just not interested and I can see why, I was really sceptical before I started. I could easily get hooked on it. When I was 20 we used to play at least three times a week sometimes until 3am. Now I play face to face three times a year. Political intrigue type plots are a no-go area for us because we simply cannot remember what happened last time in sufficient detail. I am playing in a Shadow World game, that will end in May, and I used to keep a journal written ‘in character’ which I then shared with the group in the week before sessions just so we could remember what the hell we were supposed to be doing. When the character died I started again with a different character that was drafted into the group.

      Now I am the GM I kind of hope that another player will pick up that baton but I doubt it.

      In my current situation playing for 20minutes three times a week again via PBP (or PBM) has more options open to it than real life, get together gaming.

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