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Here is an AI generated poem written in Iruaric with an English translation. I think it’s generic but also pretty damn good?

Iruaric Version

“Viir na Thos”

Na-ia ndar, hith hír shúlare,
Thos aruls kygar suul.
Arul ahren viir,
Lak usuiv, phoen drasul.

K’lav, kort thea vash,
Lirnul man, sa lo spirith,
Emer hûl, mur shú,
Serephoen, phaol ryka trû.

Gaalekar lin, kuul eir,
Linær andos, aen aek her,
Nuul shaut nae, lair lanos,
Serem lorith, throk loar.

Viirnæ, xu darth, Fatean fæ,
Amorul raath mûn, hith ar,
Diræ kyrs kolth aern,
Uscurak phoen karn.

Dom arus, shulu syth,
Vuul lavan ryk mûr,
Rakkul kolth, raath utumkod,
Ahrenul laakh, viirnæ, Xul.

Puk karn, aer drayn suul,
Larn hir, lug neith,
Viirnæ, jaiarul, aerna vë,
Utumwomaw, Fatean—xu darth.

English Translation of Iruaric Poem

“Essence of the Mountain”

In the realm of lands, under the sky so clear,
Mountain casts shadows by starlight.
Seeing the hidden essence,
Through lakes and oceans, journey closely.

The Lord of the old world,
Dreams through dwellings, where spirits rest,
His heart, full of love,
The healer of secrets, his love so true.

Scholars sing, their voices old,
Singers of beginnings, songs of stone and sight,
Islands whisper of past, of days long eternal,
In green havens, where guardians build.

Believing, the mind’s fate, destiny bound,
Loving beyond the mist, beneath the hill,
Keys to unlock hidden gates,
Darken the path where travel once turned.

In shallow waters, where wet meets water,
The creator of souls finds his cause,
Snow falls, cold to the golden ancients,
Finding the lost, believes, the divine.

Through the wild heights, where thirsty dragons soar,
To the tall high, where ugly echoes,
Believing, forgiving, and finally seeing,
The golden secret, destiny—his fate.

For those “Shadow World Scholars”, I think this is a great poem for Kydak Dûm, the Gold Dragon and head of the Dragonlords (if such a title were to exist). You can read my own thoughts on the subject HERE.

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