Yahoo!!!!! Weekend Roundup: October 8th 2017.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “Weekend Roundup” of interesting articles and news that might be RPG related, a good Shadow World hook or inspire a GM or player. Lots of good stuff since my last one…Shall we begin?

Banished to the Void? Does anyone know what’s going on?

How do the peoples of Kulthea see the Flows of Essaence?

Here in my home state of Maine! 50 skill ranks in boatbuilding?

Is feeding an army even an issue with “Create Food”?

I blogged about a pathway to Godhood (sort of). The Egyptians wrote a Book on the topic!

Would someone please do this for Kulthea–or at least Eidolon! How cool would that be?

What happens when summoned Demons get loose into an ecosystem? (part of Priest-King of Shades plotline btw)

The future is here! Althan technology in the hands of children.

Animal armor! Here is my version of special armor for Shadow World and previous blog on this topic HERE. (RM forum membership required)

Earthwarden complex?

Non coinage currency. Do you use any in your game world?

This is important. Though I’m not sure I grok completely.

The multi-class Egyptian.

The real Ship Graveyard! (another element in Priest-King of Shade)

The Syrkakar!

Energy to Matter conversion! And it mentions D&D! (I blogged on this this HERE.

Skill ranks in Memory?

Roman Tomb Raiders?

Adventures needed

Hammer of the Gods.

Last, but not least. My 2nd annual Halloween Spell List: Undead Hunter.

Undead Hunter




3 Replies to “Yahoo!!!!! Weekend Roundup: October 8th 2017.”

  1. I love the Sever Link spell! I am definitely get that into my game at some point!

    I can actually imagine a whole list of “Distractions” aimed at breaking another casters concentration and breaking control spells.

    1. Right! After I wrote that I came up with a whole slew of variations that I’m going to incorporate into BASiL.

      1. Sever and Block links in Essence “Magic Mastery”.
      2. “Ride Link” in Mentalism to allow a Mentalist to usurp connections.
      3. I’ve been working on some visual aspects of magic (not color manifestations that are used in SW which I don’t like). So Detect Link would allows a caster to see a colored thread that connects two things. This could also allow a caster to track back the thread to the caster if he’s not in visual range or nearby.

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