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5 thoughts on “For discussion. The ubiquity of “armored up, all the time” in your game setting.

  1. We have had similar discussions revolving around sleeping. How much armor can you comfortably sleep in? Some armors are fine (even comfortable) to sleep in, like AT 2 or 3, which can include furs. I used to think that heavier armor types were impossible to sleep in, but some reenactors have said that plate armor is actually not as restricting as you would think. Nevertheless, I don’t imagine Roman legionnaires slept every night in lorica segmentata. What I’ve been moving towards is requiring a morning a fatigue check, based on maneuvering in armor skill and dependent upon how heavy/restricting the AT is, for those trying to sleep in their armor.

    As far as city laws, I think they depended very much on the culture. Amongst the early Germans, every free man was by right allowed to carry a weapon pretty much everywhere– it was a mark of his free status. Similarly, in medieval Europe, knights were generally allowed to carry swords with them most places, even I believe within some of the city limits. On the other hand, there were protected places: the palace of the king, for example, or the town hall, where laws prevented people from carrying weapons.

    And of course if you’ve ever worn the heavier medieval armors, you know how exhausting it can be. After about 15 minutes of wearing my chain shirt, I start to feel the weight. I can’t imagine wearing it all day long. Nor did medieval soldiers, unless on duty or expecting a battle. Perhaps the most famous case was before the Battle of Stamford Bridge, when the Vikings left there armor behind because they weren’t expecting trouble. If even Vikings try to avoid wearing armor, I think that tells you a lot about how cumbersome it was.

    1. good comments. I think for my players it’s “whatever is advantageous for the moment”. My group is in Eidolon and I don’t see them walking around in their adventure gear in the high rent district.

  2. I’ve always taken a page from the old Top Secret stuff and have my players indicate what they’re carrying with them at the start of each game day (allowing for modification if they happen to be back at camp or their room at the inn, of course). If they’re clanking around a major city in one of my developed kingdoms, the watch will be following them closely and likely harassing them at every turn. If they decide to sleep in AT20, they face major penalties if they’re awakened for combat.

  3. My players were always happy for me to hand wave basic armour and weapon upkeep rather than having the party members splitting up to visit weaponsmiths, armourers, general stores, livery stables and all that sort of thing.

    The first time I attacked them in town and they all claimed to have swords and chain mail on I made them choose, were the weapons and armour being maintained or was it with them as it could not be in two places at once. The pay off being that I was going to up the breakage chances for kit that was not being looked after.

  4. I need to start doing this in my campaigns. You brought of some great points and I have the perfect setting for it now for both the level 1 PCs and the level 5’s. They are in Gryphonburg and I’m playing it up as a refined, high-society type of locale. It’s very forward-thinking and cosmopolitan. There are several learning academies nearby and it is the crux of three main trade routes. I’m going to have the parties have to make decisions regarding armour and weapons vs. society and social acceptance. Having them have to deal with situations that require more than steel and leather will provide a lot of opportunity to earn more XP.

    And if they have to defend themselves without weapons, it will be fun to watch the results.

    Fun for me, at least. 🙂

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