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5 thoughts on “Grand Apathy? Where are all the 50th lvl characters?”

  1. In some of the Masters level adventures from D&D, they were set on a different world or plane of existence.

    And yes, you do wonder what the high level characters are doing, especially in settings like Shadow World where you have elves who are immortal unless actually killed. Even doing simple research for 5,000 years would probably get you to a very high level, and at a lot lower level of risk.

  2. I can imagine some kind of collossus leading a horde of evil races against a civilian city would probably fit the bill. Saving so many innocent lives on so many different fronts at once is where the challenge lies. Once these 50th level heroes are somewhat depleted from the battle then the evil genius behind the attack makes his or her move.

  3. Tolkien’s mythos lends some ideas. There are mortals who occasionally get that high level. But then above them there are immortal humanoids, and beyond them a level of demigods/demons (maiar), before you get to the gods themselves. The wizards, the Balrog, and Sauron himself would be threats of the demigod level that would require high level characters to confront.

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