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10 thoughts on “My Experiences in RPG Self-Publishing – Part 1”

  1. This is great! One of the things I find frustrating about art is finding the right piece. RPGNow doesn’t have much and DeviantArt’s search functionality feels clunky. Im typically looking for line art illustrations.

    1. Thanks! Yes, finding the right art is a problem. I wondered whilst writing this about suggesting to OneBookShelf that they set up a dedicated stock art site.

      A couple of nice line art publishers on OBS are The Forge Studios and Outland Arts. It’s often still a problem finding the right stock piece to use though, without paying for custom artwork.

  2. Knowing what will sell is a bit of a black are but I would say the cover art and the title are two of the most important factors. In a list of possibly hundreds or thousands of competing titles yours has to stand out.

    I like a hint of humour or playing on a well known phrase as titles. Looking at the 50 in 50 titles to the left, Far from the Baying Crowd is obviously a play on Far From The Madding Crowd but also nods to the villian being a werewolf. In a few weeks you will be treated to Snakes on a Wagon Train.

    I feel that your title can get people to read your product description who may otherwise have passed it over. Once they are looking at your product they may buy it, if they never look then they definitely won’t buy.

    1. Yes, it’s truly hard knowing for certain what will sell, and you shouldn’t rule stuff out just because you think it won’t. You could be wrong.

      Having customers who already know and like what you produce can help with sales too. One oddball approach to cover art is that of Raging Swan Press – their covers are all plain, black for Pathfinder, yellow for system neutral and red for 5E, with simply the title on the front. Creighton Broadhurst explained the approach in the (free) Pathways #8.

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