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6 thoughts on “My Experiences in RPG Self-Publishing – Part 3”

  1. I certainly feel my supplements have improved over time. I have spent a fair amount of time looking at the free supplements produced by the bigger companies and tried to emulate the elements of their design that I like. They can afford to pay professional designers, I cannot.

    OBS have an option to send complimentary copies to recognised reviewers. If you think your product is good then sending a free copy to those people may earn you some positive reviews. Whether the reviews have a direct influence may be unknown but have a good star rating is never going to be harmful to a product.

    1. At some point I want to go back over my supplements and redo them. The later ones are generally okay, but there are quite a lot I’d like a new template for. There isn’t a suitable template really as yet. In the book by the co-founder of Mongoose, he essentially said that layout was the main element that a publisher would do themselves, at least to start with.

      I do check the option to have featured reviewers sent complimentary copies; however, I have yet to get a review from them. Mostly it’s the same reviewer who uses their coupon, but one supplement has had three coupons used – and still no reviews.

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