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7 thoughts on “Sunday Musings. Projects in the queue and the Monster Squad!

  1. So much inspiration!

    Iceland has a Christmas tradition of The Yule Lads who are trolls. One could have a small series of adventures each based in a different cultures Christmass traditions, elves in one, trolls in another.

    If you are thinking constructs as PCs that leads me to the idea of throwing the PCs consciousness from one body to the next as each body dies. The mental stats, skills and magic remain constant but physical stats change and therefore skill totals change with each incarnation. Robo-gladiators? Transformers as PCs?

    1. I think there are great possibilities for one-off adventures; something RM really hasn’t done and as discussed, would eliminate the issues around chargen.
      1. I think “holiday” themed adventures might be the way to go.
      2. The number of overseas players means that you can adapt to different cultures.
      3. I like the juxtaposition of holiday characters with the gritty RM combat system. It reminds me of the difference between kids fairly tales and the original as written Grimm fairy tales that were quite violent.

      The construct as a PC is very interesting. Besides the “Heart of Stone” book I just read, there is a great construct in “The Tales of the Jetty Kay”. Transferring a consciousness to a construct/golem makes sense as a Magic Ritual. Lots of ideas for our next adventure challenges!

  2. Germany has Knecht Ruprecht who is a devil and accompanies Saint Nicholas. Knecht Ruprecht causes chaos on December 6th.

    Krampus is Austria’s Christmas Demon. Christmas Demon is not a phrase I thought I would ever use.

    In Sweden, Christmas eve is the night that Witches and spirits come out, rather like our Halloween.

    1. These are all great. Have you ever seen “Rare Exports”–it’s a Santa horror movie out of Finland:

      Rare Exports (2010) dir. Jalmari Helander
      rare-exports1My personal favorite horror Santa is in 2010’s Rare Exports. This film is full of original, deep mythology of giant, humanoid creatures buried deep in the Earth that inspired the image of Santa Claus. This Finnish film makes Santa a monster, not a serial killer or a legend, but a movie monster. A group of archaeologists uncover “the largest burial mound in the world” only to uncover supernatural beings punish naughty children. The stakes rise when a reindeer herder captures one of the beasts. Rare Exports is a difficult film to classify since it has elements of horror, fantasy, coming-of-age tale, and dark comedy, but it is a special, and terrifying, film that you need to seek out.

      Most Terrifying Scene: When the reindeer herders realize they might not have captured the real Santa-beast.

      That sounds like a great RM adventure!

      1. Rather surprisingly, a quick search on RPGNow only brings up one definite adventure based on that, for vs. Ghosts (a logical one I suppose). So that idea actually hasn’t been overused. It would make a nice change.

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