3rd Of all the companions and ‘laws’ which book could you not be without?

Brian: I don’t really use any of them now, but Companion I had a lot of material that could have been “core” or included in RM. Paladin being the most obvious. Arcane magic was ok, but I didn’t feel it was necessary to classify it as a realm. Battlerunes were very cool and we just rolled them into Open Essence at the time.

Peter: No surprise here but the RMC Combat Companion is my book I could not be without. I thnk it is one of the ‘lost’ books because of IP issues and mine is falling apart but I have scanned and OCRed much of it into word and the condensed combat tables I hand typed into Excel. What you get is a few professions if you use them, armour by the piece which I derived from HARP I believe, weapon katas and fighting styles which puts two weapon combo back into RMC and the jewel in the crown the condensed combat system. There is a sample below and you can see that you get the 10 armour types, criticals that are not split into Slash, Krush, Puncture but rather customised to the type of attack, so arrow criticals for bows, dagger criticals for short blades and the like. You get many weaons per page and the size modifications tucked into a corner. You can run entire combats without having to turn an page if the weapons are similar enough. The only drawback is that the same criticals come around again a little too often. That is why I have excel versions of these pages. There are only 18 attack pages of which 6 are frequently used. Those 6 I have rewritten the criticals keeping the effects the same in terms of hits, bleeding and stun etc., the location the same but just changing the prose descriptions. I started with two copies and used to swap between sets for each game session to keep the criticals varied but I now have a couple of pages with three versions after being inspired one evening. This book and the condensed combat system really triggered my appetite for simplifying RM as combats became so fast and exciting to run that it made everything else look slow by combarison!

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  1. First off, your answers are way more complete than mine! Now I’m going to have to read Combat Companion–I think I have all the books on my iPad but haven’t made the effort to read any of them.

  2. This one was easy for me as the Combat Companion is probably the cornerstone of my game.

    There is a lot of HARP in this book that has been translated into RMC and there is a lot of good stuff in HARP. I bought myself the core HARP books for Fantasy and SF last Christmas but have not been able to run it yet. I lost my Spacemaster 1st Ed. books in a house move somewhere along the lines so for me HARP SF is the only SF option.

  3. My game gets a lot of use out of the Channeling Companion. I like most of the spell lists and a lot of the ideas in that book.

    1. I don’t have the channeling companion. I have always found the channeling realm disappointing.

      In a side project I am working on which is a really stripped back RMC I completely removed the channeling realm.

  4. For me it’s Companion I and Companion III. Some of the stuff in II is useful, but I honestly used very few of the Professions. In my opinion the Companions lost focus after III

  5. Agreed.
    RMCI-III were blank pages from being thumbed through by my group!

    Background Options and Race Mods in I, Skills-Skills-Skills plus Professions in II and III.

    Later on, Arms Companion for flavour crits and weapons.

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