6 Replies to “In Search of Andraax. Episode 01.”

  1. Nice job, and thanks for the hard work.

    Jeez, there some hilarious stuff in this episode. The observation that “most games kill a person; Rolemaster murders them.” is so gruesomely fall-out-of-my-chair funny, people in my office wanted to know why I was laughing so hard.”

  2. That was great. Especially the trip down memory lane as someone who also (vaguely) remembers playing Traveller and Paranoia in the 1980s. And also the horrors of trying to actually use early versions of OCR technology.

    I certainly appreciate the work that went into creating RMU. The fact that so many of us think it pulls too much from the previous version(s) we don’t like says it really is a balanced merging of the previous versions. And of course, house rules can fix the few things I don’t like because I’m not so old that I’ve forgotten game rules are really just guidelines and if they get in the way of having fun should be changed or ignored.

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