New Topics and Blog Contributors Needed!

I’m a bit behind on posting up new blogs but I’ve come up with 4  basic titles/topics for my  upcoming contributions. So even with a continual stream of new ideas or inspiration I’m going to try and stay within my own topic guidelines! The four I’m focusing on:

  1. Shadow World Spin Cycle: Re-purposing other gaming material to fill in content in SW.
  2. RM Combat Hacks: Optional rules and ideas for adding additional depth to RM combat.
  3. SW Adventure Hooks: Adventure “hooks”, ideas and starting points for SW adventures using the SW Master Timeline and other threads “dangling” in Canon material.
  4.  SWARM. “Shadow World Alternate RoleMaster”. My own rule set for No Profession Character Law for use in the Shadow World setting.

With that in mind Peter is looking for new Blog writers & contributors. Do you want to write short posts on RM or RM related topics? Let Peter know!

3 Replies to “New Topics and Blog Contributors Needed!”

  1. I think Bree and the Barrow-downs would be another good former MERP module to adapt (if you own it), although you would need to remove the hobbits and replace them with another race.

    1. I had them all at one point, but can’t recall the layouts in that one. I’m assuming the barrow-downs would be a good drop-in for any game. I’ve got Umbar & Angmar on deck; they were the first 3 products and were less ME than the later products that tackled central LOTR locations. Hoping to get my Spin Cycle pt. 3 out next week but trying to finalize Priest King.

      1. I only have the revised Angmar. Bree has the advantage that, even though during MERP’s primary timeframe it was part of a larger political entity, there’s very little influence on the actual module. So it could be dropped in as a several towns in most areas without too much difficulty.

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