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  1. December 3 is pure speculation. There’s been no actual statement reflecting this date. The official post on Ironcrown.com’s forums does not mention any specific date, only that the files were uploaded to drivethrurpg and that Nick is waiting for the test print to be in his hands before he gives everything the “ok.”

    1. There is a date on the logo: December 3rd. Also, I reiterated the date in the only sentence of this blog post.
      This is the date for the release of Core Law (a combination of Arms and Character Law). The release of Spell Law should be soon after. The releases of Treasure Law and Creature Law I will be longer, though, as there is more work to do on them.

  2. It is great there is now a confirmed date, probably as the proof copy will be available that date at Dragonmeet. My own current plan is to wait until the POD option comes available and buy both physical and PDF at that point, as I suspect it will be cheaper.
    I would love to pay that amount at launch, then get the POD sent when available, but it is a no-goer. I expect I will not be the only one to follow this approach…

      1. Given the (well justified) caution ICE has with anything to do with money and promises, I’d be stunned to see them do it. Not even at 2-1 would I bet on it, but I’d be ecstatic if they did. If for no other reason other than by pushing the PDF out first, they could solicit a ton of feedback and customer interest regarding errors, omissions and clarifications. lol… which is why it will never happen; ~ a decade of waiting has made me more cynical than I like to admit.

  3. Glad it’s finally released, and my sincere appreciate to all those involved in this decades lone effort. As an asside, it’s a nice birthday present for me, but I’ll be attending a PF2 convention all weekend. =)

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