Well that was a hard core RPG weekend

As you know I normally post my Monday updates at about 8am but there was no way that was going to happen today! We started gaming at about 2:40pm on Friday and finally gave up at 3am Saturday morning. Up again at 6am and played until 1am Sunday but we did take two hours out to go to an Indian restaurant for a Lamb Biryani then up at 6am Sunday and played through until Midday.

Sunday evening was calculating experience time and then this morning I was so tired I could barely put a sentence together let along spell it correctly. Someone recently pointed out that I was spelling Kobold as Kobald. This morning I was spelling Peter as ;sjrhga;lrfhfa. I just went horse riding for an hour and the horse just looked at me as if I was stupid whenever I tried to tell it to do anything. I guess today I cannot speak horse either. God help me tonight at the fencing club.

So the highlights of the weekend was the Party finally making it the Drow stronghold section of the cave complex they have been exploring and mapping. Having bypassed the outer guards, gatecrashed a religious ceremony and slaughtered the unsuspecting drow worshipers they then made short work of the Priestess of Lloth but not before she had turned one of the dead Drow into a Zombie behind the party. A lucky strike made short work of it taking half its head off in the first blow of the combat. Job Done! The party pressed on into the stronghold freeing dwarven slaves as they went and trying to find the drow overseer who they had learned was here with an apprentice. Int he end the overseer fled as he was seriously out numbered and his ruse to get the party to surrender failed. A general round of clapping each other on the back of a job well done when the Zombie reentered the fray having recovered from its wounds.

The party had had enough it him this time and chopped him into lots of little bits and the kicked the bits all over the place. I guess that should keep him down of a while this time.

All in all a sucessful outcome. The party still haven’t explored everything they set out to map but with nearly 30 slave hostages to return to the surface they have had to escort them out first. As a first level party a night in an inn to recover from wounds and restore some power points is not a bad idea.

Hopefully next time they will finish this mission as they are starting to get a bit of a reputation amongst the locals for being a bit heroic.

As for Shadow World technically we all survived and we saved the world. Actually I died in the first round of combat in t he big showdown but they brought me back afterwards. I was playing my illusionist and the big boss was not effected by illusions which left me with just the ‘Strike’ spell. We were in fairly close quarters so range was not an issue. The entire party bar myself was enthralled by the 60th level (as we were told afterwards) Godling and I needed to do something to save them. It is hard to use the phrase ‘all guns blazing’ when all you can do is a rank 1 martial arts strike using a 2nd level spell. I also missed despite having a directed spells skill with Strike of +167. That is not what I wanted to be remembered for though. In my telling of the story “I was in lone combat with a God to save the world. The world is still here so you can guess the outcome yourself.” That is my version and I am sticking to it!


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  1. Congratulations! …more for making it through the weekend and being coherent today. 🙂

    I miss the epic all night game sessions we used to do in college. Now, I’m afraid I’m just too old. I need nowadays. It sounds like you had a fantastic knock em down, drag em out Donnybrook.

    1. I am slightly surprised they bothered to raise me in the shadow world game to be honest. The party move through the three stages of grief (Mourn, Loot, Move on) pretty quickly normally.

      The best thing about the weekend from a ‘whole game’ point of view is that the party are mostly touching 3rd level now. One is only 2nd level but all the PCs are there. 3rd level characters have more power points, more spells, more hits and bigger OBs. From my point of view I can throw bigger challenges at them. 1st level can be a bit like juggling raw eggs as 1st level characters break so easily.

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