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2 thoughts on “Gaming Styles – Roll it or Role it?”

  1. This is related to one of the reasons I prefer fantasy RP to SF RP. I personally know too much about computers and programming (and science and tech in general) to be satisfied by their representation in games. It breaks my suspension of disbelief all the time – “computers just don’t work like that”, “the way hacking works in this game is laughable” are common thoughts. as are thoughts like “a 50 cent battery can power an LED torch for months in real life but my 1,000 credit 30th century atomic torch needs to be recharged after 4 hours of use? really?”

    I know lots of medieval reenactors who have the same attitude to RPG rules about weapons and armour, for the same reason that they laugh at Hollywood depictions of sword fighting….for someone who knows the subject well and has real-life experience, it’s ridiculous.

    Fantasy and magic, though, are different. magic isn’t real, nobody can know how it works so it’s easy to just accept that that’s how it works in the game and get on with playing. Other players without advanced computer skills may feel the same way about SF games involving computer tech. Indistinguishable from magic….

    Also, i play RPGs to play a character that can do things I can’t (or won’t) do in real life. like casting spells or burglary, or murdering orcs and stealing their loot. Playing a computer geek is too much like real life so not that much fun for me. OTOH, I know my limitations as a player and always choose high intelligence no matter the point cos and, even when another attribute would provide far more benefit to the character, because i’m just incapable of playing a dumb character – it would be too frustrating for me as a player to be able to see an obvious solution but be unable to say it or act it out because my barbarian warrior was a cretin.

    I think the “OSR way” as you describe it is incompatible not only with Rolemaster but with roleplaying in general.

    If your character does, says, or knows things that you (the player) know that he can’t possibly know then that’s meta-gaming (i might know how to make gunpowder in a low-tech setting, but my character almost certainly doesn’t, and isn’t likely to just stumble across the relatively simple chemical process).

    It’s also meta-gaming if you’re forced to describe exactly how your character is going to check for traps, pick a lock, pickpocket someone, cast a spell, parry or swing a sword, climb a mountain, or anything else….including requiring that players come up with a speech worthy of Shakespeare and deliver it as well as a professional trained actor, whenever they want to use an oratory, diplomacy, or persuasion skill – and do it in 60 seconds or less.

    if a GM did to me what yours did to your thief, I’d object as politely as possible something along the lines of “Are you (the DM) a highly skilled 23-level thief? No? Well neither am I. But my character is. He knows what he’s doing, he’s an expert at his craft, so please stop forcing me to second-guess & kibbitz him and just let him do his job”.

    Demanding that of a thief is the same as demanding a caster describe exactly how they’re going to cast a spell, what biological or magical or metaphysical processes are involved in using and controlling magical energy. It’s not possible for anyone to do that (unless it’s the movie psionic style of “I’m going to scrunch up my face and grunt a bit”, resulting in wizards constantly being offered laxatives wherever they go), which would make spell-casting impossible in a game.

    1. Like you I am an IT professional and I find the portrayal of IT and hacking in most TV, cinema and RPGs to be rather sad. I remember watching one TV programme a few years ago and the ‘hacker’ many lines of code on screen but the menus and toolbox around it was from MS Paint. If you can hack anything using a bitmap of code I would be seriously impressed!

      I think Sci Fi roleplaying works well in the near future setting. You don’t need the high tech equipment lists, if you can buy it on amazon then that gives you the prices and even the weights and capacities of most things. You don’t need to extrapolate the computing power as we all know what they can do as well as how long mobile phones batteries last and how much data they can hold and so on.

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