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6 thoughts on “Mid-Week Musings on Rolemaster, Self Publishing and RMU.”

  1. The comments may seem a bit harsh, but I understood the spirit in which they were intended, and I think JDale did too.

    I think we could really do away with the entire concept of ‘passive’ Shield and Running/Dodge skill bonuses, and RMU would probably be the better for it (and it would certainly more compatible with older editions). We already have the option to parry, partial shield block, full shield block, partial dodge, and full dodge. That seems a sufficient panoply of defensive options for the core book.

      1. I think what is needed is a much bigger audience for the beta so we get more and better testing. These people then become advocates for the new system once it is released. The view of the Beta forums is then greater but only with with people who know full well that they are testing a system still in development.

        1. I liked your proposal you made on a “RMU lite” for wide release etc… But that’s not going to happen. I track a wide array of RM/RMU discussions on other forums, sites and blogs and there was an uptick in interest a few years ago on the new RM version. Sadly, much of that enthusiasm has waned.

          1. Not everyone gets excited about a beta. The beta began years ago (literally in 2012), so it is understandable that people are waiting now for the final release. I do very much like the suggestions on the boards here though about a playtest packet; I think that has the potential to really get more people engaged, whether for the beta or for the final release.

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