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6 thoughts on “Player Combat Charts”

  1. I’m in agreement. I know it’s common for people to hand out attack charts to their players, and it’s often used as a counter argument to RM complexity on forums and threads re: RM, but I’ve never done it.

    As soon as you tell players the AT and DB of an opponent it takes them out of the game, gives them proprietary info they shouldn’t have, allows for meta-gaming decisions and changes their tactical calculations.

    For most combats it’s fairly easy to collate the needed weapon charts–at most maybe 8-10. I’ve been scanning the needed charts into a PDF encounter file for my IPad. Easy to flip through, magnify etc

  2. I started to give my players their own charts a few years ago, and I still do it frequently. There are pluses and minuses to it, and overall I find the pluses to generally be more than the minuses.

    The big plus is speed; it really does speed up combat a lot for me. I don’t have to look around to find a chart, I don’t have to look up any results… I just tell the player the AT and DB, and the attack is done.

    The big minus of course is that it can change the way players play; I definitely agree it does do this. So in the future, I might let them use the charts for the more mundane battles but make the big battles a little different.

    1. Do you use Fate points or other result fudging options? I am just curious if your players ‘one hit’ your end of level boss in the first attack in the first round?

      In my game I don’t use any of those options and a death is a death. On the other hand I do make life giving available so death is not always terminal.

  3. I let the chips fall where they may: no fate points, no fudging, and yes, it has happened that someone drops the big guy very fast. That ensures that no one tunes out on anyone’s turn!

    Like you, Lifegiving is available too, though usually no one wants to play a Cleric, so death is final.

  4. By the way Peter, what is that attack chart in the graphic that accompanies this article? It looks like MERP or HARP rather than Rolemaster; I’m just wondering because I am interested to know if Rolemaster has ever done charts like that.

  5. I don’t mind handing out charts, but I don’t always tell players what ATs they’re facing. I don’t use Luck points for fantasy stuff, but I do for any kind of non-magic game. If you don’t hand them out like candy (and I don’t) players are far more likely to use them to save their characters instead of wasting them on NPCs.

    As for your example, Peter, that’s how I’ve always treated player discussions in my games if they involve character actions or activities. They learn very quickly to keep their voices down or get their planning done before going out in public.

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