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2 thoughts on “Well that was a hard core RPG weekend”

  1. Congratulations! …more for making it through the weekend and being coherent today. 🙂

    I miss the epic all night game sessions we used to do in college. Now, I’m afraid I’m just too old. I need nowadays. It sounds like you had a fantastic knock em down, drag em out Donnybrook.

    1. I am slightly surprised they bothered to raise me in the shadow world game to be honest. The party move through the three stages of grief (Mourn, Loot, Move on) pretty quickly normally.

      The best thing about the weekend from a ‘whole game’ point of view is that the party are mostly touching 3rd level now. One is only 2nd level but all the PCs are there. 3rd level characters have more power points, more spells, more hits and bigger OBs. From my point of view I can throw bigger challenges at them. 1st level can be a bit like juggling raw eggs as 1st level characters break so easily.

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