I would like my $279Million Please.

Stolen credit?

Brian, what the hell are you talking about? Well first, there is no such thing as a new idea and certainly there are brilliant writers and developers in Hollywood…but..some of us at the Rolemasterblog might have stumbled upon some of the “plot sauce” that backed the largest grossing movie: Avengers: Endgame.

First, I typically charge a 10% success fee for my work, or a “finders fee” which I will happily share with my Rolemasterblog contributors. Avengers: EG grossed 2.79 BILLION so I think my ask is modest at best.

So how did we earn such a high sum? Well, direct your attention to a blog I posted in 2017. (note bold emphasis)

The idea worth hundreds or millions of dollars?

There is some great commentary but a few that stand out:

Peter, using Voice to Text or similar had this to offer:

Many of the problems with time travel are the same as ghost posed with the forest owl edge spells

Ha Ha, I’m just messing with Peter (who runs this blog and can shut me down anytime). Thanks Peter.

In all seriousness, in response to Voriig’s comment I responded thus:

I’m thinking time travel will be the necessary ingredient to the Grand Campaign–probably via Jinteni tech. I see the GC more and more as a Grand Heist–or stealing back some objects (northern eye, heart of agoth) that has already been stolen. 

So there you go. A world saving disaster, a time travel solution and a complicated heist of needed artifacts. Yep, I completely solved the MCU corner they had backed themselves into. 2 years prior to the movie release.

You are welcome. (And thanks can be expressed with the purchase of our products on DTRPG).

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  1. Just read the thread from back in 2017, too funny. All great ideas too! Time travel is easily one of my favorite topics and yeah it is tough to get the “rules” right.

    A DM friend of mine had a great example usage of one of those “forest owl edge” spells (Seer – Future Visions “Intuitions V”), where the players had a tricky encounter they didn’t know they could survive, and given the “randomness” (i.e. dice components) it could go either way. So they played the whole thing out and then the DM let them decide if they wanted to reset it after the 5 minutes were up. Yes it took longer in session, but they all had tons of fun doing it and it allowed them to be a bit more “daring” during the encounter.

    It seems that either vision spells or full on time jumps/bubbles/portals/etc are all doable but one thing Rolemaster lacks is a “cost”. Those spells are not only quite powerful, but to keep them from being used ALL the time (pardon the pun), a cost should be added. A rare or expensive component. That way there is consideration before using it. There are many examples of spells like this in RM actually.

    The time bubble example specifically is neat and reminds me of the Mistborn series where the Allomancer could burn either bendalloy (to speed UP time inside the bubble) or cadmium (to slow it DOWN). There was that great moment where they finally realized cadmium could save someone’s life by keeping them in stasis until help could arrive. So cool.

    I need to look into this Grand Campaign thing you mentioned a couple times now. I know I’ve seen it somewhere before. I love the idea of a giant time-hopping heist thing. If I had to chose a thing to stop it would be Ondoval from getting the Shadowstone! Or one better, rescue him from his battle in the Void before he went insane (after 50,000+ years). So many fun options there.

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