29th The most useful piece of technology (hardware or software) for Rolemaster?

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Brian: There are 3 things that are indispensable to my game: iPad which has everything in PDF for reference, tri-fold GM screen and my “noteboard”. www.noteboard.com. I’ve never tried any RM software—I guess I’m too old to learn new tricks. Peter: I agree with the Tablet PC. I don’t have a GM’s screen but I ….  Read More

28th Have you ever regretted allowing an optional rule or house rule into the game?

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Brian: “Talents”. Can’t stand any rules that are “one-offs” are turn into crutches that underpin the entire character. Peter: The extended character background options from RoCoI particularly the Skill at Arms and Skill at Magic. These are prime examples of where a single (un)lucky dice roll can complerely change a character. There is no balancing ….  Read More