Rolemaster Adventure Hooks: Head Fake or Trope Embrace?

If you are a regular reader here than you probably know that Rolemasterblog is putting together a challenge of writing 50 Adventures in 50 Days! These are short adventures or “hooks”, and while there is no such thing as a new idea, I think that Peter and I have come up with some twists and turns that add depth to a one dimensional challenge.

For me this is an exercise in both creativity and discipline. I try to outline an idea every day or two and work to add an interesting element to give it some “flair”.  What I have found is that I’m torn between embracing classic RPG tropes and trying to come up with something new and novel. As much as I want to avoid standard adventures ideas, there is something appealing about an old fashion dungeon crawl or fortress layout! But I also enjoy subverting classic tropes and messing with my players assumptions!

Hopefully, people will enjoy the Rolemasterblog creative content–even derivative ideas could spark your own creative process.


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  1. This is actually quite a challenging project. Brian said to me recently that he tries to write the equivalent of 3 pages of RPG content each day. He doesn’t always succeed but that is his aim.

    365 days x 3 pages comes to nearly 1,100 a year. He doesn’t always hit his target so we can reduce that to 1,000 pages a year.

    the 50th Anniversary single volume edition of Lord of the Rings had 1,178 pages. So Brian is outputting roughly one LotR each year.

    So far this week I have outlined adventures using these villains or threats, Wolves and a pair of Yetis, an Evil mentalist, Evil Gorillas and a Black Stalker. I have been referencing the monster ‘manuals’ for 5e, Pathfinder, RMC and RMU to ensure that these adventures work.

    In addition I have been writing posts here for the blog as you know and doing other RPG related writing.

    I also have a day job to pay the bills, a hobby job to earn a few pennies on the side, a family and I am training my horse to become an Archery mount (mini-war horse training in my opinion!).

    You know what they say. If you want something doing then give it to someone who is busy. That seems to definitely be the case with RM GMs!

  2. Peter–

    First, I think I keep saying 50 adventures in 50 days when I meant 50 weeks. However, we’ll have them done so it’s up to you if we should post one a day or one a week.

    Second, when I suggested September it didn’t seem that aggressive a timeline, but now I’m glad we have the time to finish them up properly! I’m gone a chunk of June, July and August so I’m trying to get mine done. I’m at 20 and working on my 50th lvl adventure which I’ll blog about tomorrow.

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