The Warehouse Heist

This week’s 50 in 50 adventure hook is The Warehouse Heist.
In The Warehouse Heist, the characters have been hired to recover a small item from a dockside warehouse. The item is hidden and the employer wants it removing before the shipment is inspected.… Read the rest

One Muhaha, Two Muhaha

The title of this post should be spoken using the voice of the Count from Sesame Street.

There was no publication round up last week as I was en route from Norway to home and faffing about trying to embed links and what-not using just my phone was just too painful.… Read the rest

I.C.E. Deep Dive. Loremaster Series Review pt.3: The Cloudlords of Tanara.


Welcome to my third review of the Loremaster Series; today we are going to explore what is possibly the most well known or popular of ICE modules: The Cloudlords of Tanara. Over the years there have been other reviews (see some links at the end) and Cloudlords has been treated to the Terry Amthor rewrite, but I’m going to focus on the original version and review it in the context of the Loremaster series and how it might have impacted the later Shadow World series.… Read the rest

New Skill Acquisition

I have just been away in Norway learning to ski. I have returned, unbroken but in need of a rest which is a sign of a good holiday.

I had never skied before and the only other ice related thing I had ever done before was ice skating, which I do not enjoy and I am pretty terrible at.… Read the rest

ABSOLUTE SUCCESS: 101+ vs. 111+

There has been some discussion in the forum and in the blog of the RMU 101+ success rate vs. the RM(#) 111+ success rate. I always liked the idea of having absolute success being more difficult to attain, i.e.: 111+ and here are some reasons why.… Read the rest