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Engaging the senses

I have been through the adventure notes today adding post-it notes to scenes and locations with little added comments about sounds, smells and little visual ‘clips’ such as dust swirling in a vortex as a door slams shut. These serve no purpose at all except to remind me to be more descriptive, not great long

Shadow World Adventure Hooks: Taking your game to a new place.

One of my previous blogs discussed the “Many Flavors of Shadow World” and I felt like expanding on a few specific adventure environments that we’ve used that really enhanced our campaign. Underwater adventures. Having your players adventure underwater can add a new dimension to your SW environment. Lost cities, shipwrecks and new races can all

Rolemaster Weekend Roundup July 23rd 2016

Welcome to RolemasterBlog’s first “Weekend Roundup”. Here we will feature interesting links, stories or news items that might be of interest to RPG’ers or curious minds! The price of fashion. Getting around in ARMOR. What a bunch of NERDS! Celebrities aren’t the only ones PLAYING D&D. What every growing boy needs…the CRATE OF DOOM! Cryptonomicon…I

All my players want to be Clerics.

You know that guy…the player that begrudgingly agrees to play the Cleric for the “good of the team”. After dispensing some essential buffs, he waits around to dole out some healing and maybe, just maybe, get a few licks in during combat. Add to that, the group leader role is usually played by the more

Rule sets and settings. The gap between Rolemaster and Shadow World.

A recent forum thread started me thinking about the “tensions” between a game setting and a game system. Specifically rulesets and worlds published by the same company (not like Peter’s use of FR for his RM game). Certainly Greyhawk and Forgotten Realms were designed to incorporate the full breadth of the D&D rules, but what